It’s easier to tell you what we DON’T do.

Along with Setup and tear-downs we do..

Custom Steps

Permanent Foundations

Install new skirting

Re-Skirts and new steps

It’s easy to give a manufactured home a make-over. New skirting and custom built steps can go a long way in the sale of your home. Let us know what we can do for you.


It happens! All houses settle over time weather it be a stick built home or a manufactured home. The good news is a manufactured home can be re-levelled. We’ve got the experience and tools to make it level again.

Permanent Foundation systems

From the permit process to converting your home from personal property to real property, we are the industry leaders in the North state.¬†We use the Xi2 system because it’s simply the best. If you want to sell your home and need it to finance then a permanent foundation is the right thing for you. Call today for an estimate.

Consignment of your home

We’ll have your home transported to our lot and sell it on consignment. All you have to do is produce the ownership documents and we’ll take it from there. Turn your unwanted home into cash. Give Elmer a call.