Sales, Setup, Tear-down, Service and Support

Count on us to…

We are a California Licensed Manufactured Housing Dealer

For the last 20 years we’ve been providing housing for Northern Californian residents. Times have changed a bit in all those years but we’ve kept up with the industry. New laws and Regulations are a constant in our state but that’s why you call us. If there’s a way to be successful with your project then we’ll know how to make it happen. We’ve helped hundreds over the years and we can surely help you.

The full service manufactured housing solution.

From start to finish we can do it all. We can sell you a home off our lot, have it delivered to your site, block it, set it, level it, hook up the utilities and finish it. We work with the local building department and can handle the permit process from design to the final inspection.

Service is our middle name.

We know that housing of any kind needs maintenance and when it comes to manufactured housing we simply understand it fully. You can count on us to re-level, re-block, re-skirt and remember that you always come first. So no matter what it may be start with Elmer’s first.